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What is a Family Support Worker?

At the South Cariboo Elizabeth Fry Society (SCEFS),we support families in Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Clinton, Spence’s Bridge, and Walhachin. From our office in Ashcroft, SCEFS offers valuable services and programs to several First Nations bands and rural communities in southern interior BC that support, educate and empower individuals and families. The Family Support Worker (FSW) position is one of the ways in which we provide service.

There are many ways in which an FSW can help advocate for families in need of support. As advocates, support workers are committed to establishing respectful, productive relationships with community members. They can assist families with finding appropriate social services, information, and other resources in order to support and develop healthy family dynamics. In essence, FSWs exist to support, empower and educate individuals and families.

At SCEFS, our support worker will work with you and your family in whatever capacity you need – whether that’s helping resolve family conflicts, provide parenting tips, or giving you access to much-needed local resources. From emotional support, to housing issues, to childcare, to financial aid, we are there for you and our services are dictated by your needs.

We work to establish positive, fulfilling relationships with all of our clients in order to help assess their needs and ensure they have access to all of the support systems needed to help them thrive.

FSWs usually have a background in social work and have the education and experience to be able to effectively navigate sometimes complex provincial and federal programs that provide social services to individuals and families. There are a number of ways individuals can become FSWs, often with a combination of education, experience, and on the job training. In all instances, effective communication skills, empathy, and good listening skills are key. Utilizing their skills, FSWs can assist clients with educational needs, emotional support, accessing resources, completing applications, and doing whatever it takes to help clients through challenging times. They provide non-judgmental service and are committed to promoting whole family wellness.

Parenting is challenging at the best of times. When families are struggling, it is even harder. Your FSW can help you learn positive ways to deal with difficult behaviours, develop increased emotional and physical caring skills, teach you how to educate your children through play, provide hands on advice, and help you manage financial barriers.

Whether you are in a crisis situation or need help with day-to-day challenges, your FSW is available to come to your home and meet you where you are right now, providing their unwavering support.
To learn more about our Family Support Worker, check out the Family Support Worker page and contact us with your questions.

The SCEFS is a non-profit community-based agency providing services that support, educate, and encourage people to empower themselves to make positive choices for both themselves and for their families. We provide Open Doors to the Community and welcome all those in need without judgment or discrimination. Our namesake, Elizabeth Fry, began her work with the less fortunate as a teenager in the early 1800s. She witnessed the deplorable prison conditions women and children were exposed to in London’s Newgate Prison and committed her life to fighting for the rights of prisoners and ensuring they received humane treatment and had a better chance of success upon leaving the prison system. Over the course of her life, she led reforms in many areas and continued to be a voice of change for those who were silenced.